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Download the proposed Haida Gwaii Community Forest Map 2017 Dec 15


Map of tenure evolution on Haida Gwaii

The “map of tenure evolution on Haida Gwaii” depicts the evolution of forest tenures on Haida Gwaii since the Bill 28 Forest Revitalization Act of 2003.  The area for a potential Community Forest proposed by government is depicted in red on map 5 of the progression and you can see how the boundaries are adjacent to other tenures and private lands.

A group of satellite images with boundaries of the proposed community forest and adjacent tenure boundaries, as well as recent harvesting, proposed BCTS blocks and Land Use Objectives Order reserves.  The images reflect the maps provided by government and contain some errors in boundaries that need to be corrected by government on their source maps. As well, these maps are static and not a reflection of the current state of forestry-related operations within the CFA offer areas.

Drizzle Lake Watt Loon Area (middle) Map

Drizzle Lake Watt Loon Area (north) Map

Drizzle Lake Watt Loon Area (south) Map

Lawn Hill to Tlell Area East Coast Map

Skidegate to Miller Creek Area East Coast Map

Honna Creek Area Map

Sewell Tasu Area Map

Skidegate Area Map


The maps delivered on this website are provided as a public resource for general information purposes under the following terms of use:

  • The maps have been compiled using data from various sources. Misty Isles Economic Development Society is not responsible for any claims, damages or expenses whatsoever, including economic loss, resulting from any omissions, incompleteness or errors that may be contained in the maps.
  • The maps represent information as it exists at the time the maps are transferred from the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development (MFLNRORD) to the Misty Isles Economic Development Society Community Forest website and do not necessarily include any ongoing updates or corrections to the source databases maintained by Misty Isles Economic Development Society or other agencies. The maps are supplied on an “as is, where is” basis.
  • The Misty Isles Economic Development Society disclaims any warranty of merchantability or appropriateness of the maps for any particular purpose.

Documents Relating to the Community Forest

  1. Haida Gwaii Community Forest Management Plan DRAFT ONLY
  2. June 11 2020 Community Forest Letter
  3. June 13 2019 Response to MIEDS re extension_signed by RED
  4. April 24 2019_Letter Minister FLNR Community Forest
  5. February 22 2019 – Response to MIEDS re extension_signed by RED
  6. January 2019 – Letter FLNR re: Community Forest
  7. April 9 2018 Response from Sharon Hadway
  8. March 29 2018 CFA Letter to MFLNRO
  9. January 26 2018 Clarification letter from Leonard Munt
  10. Jan 26 2018 Sharon Hadway reply to Jan 12 letter
  11. Jan 12 2018 response to Sharon Hadway
  12. Dec 15 2017 Community Forest Invitation Letter
  13. Nov 27 2017 Letter to Minister of Forests requesting formal offer of Haida Gwaii Community Forest
  14. Nov 21 2017 CHN Protocol meeting info
  15. Sept 2017 Requests by Communities to Government for Community Forest Agreement
  16. August 4, 2017 Letter to BC requesting formal offer of Haida Gwaii Community Forest
  17. July 27 2017 letter from BC to communities modifying area proposed for Community Forest
  18. May 3 2017 Letter to Sharon Hadway BC MFLNRO
  19. March April 2017 Summary of Community Forest Public Information Sessions
  20. March 6 2017 regulation reducing revenue to communities from BCTS sales to 50%
  21. Jan 10 2017 Letter from Communities and CHN requesting a formal Community Forest offer
  22. Background report by K Moore on the Haida Gwaii Community Forest Opportunity
  23. Island Community Stability Initiative Consensus (ICSI) from 1996
  24. Community Forest Feasibility Study from 1998
  25. Community Forest Study Priorities from 1998
  26. Community Forest Interviews from 1998



BC Community Forest Association

Example of a Community Forest – Harrop-Procter Community Forest

Example of another Community Forest – Burns Lake Community Forest Mgt Plan

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